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October 11th, 2007


I have a strange fascination with sexual purity tests. When I was younger I used to use one almost like a checklist. Anytime I read one I see new things I'd love to try that I never have. I'd love to be able to check these off on a purity test in the future:

-Masturbated to orgasm while on the phone, but while the other person was not aware of it?
-Had anyone to the best of your knowledge, masturbate to a nude picture of you?
-Masturbated with someone watching you, but not participating?
-Had sex with someone watching you but not participating?
-Been involved in a threesome (a menage-a-trois) with two males and a female?
-Been involved in a threesome with two females and a male?
-Participated in a bisexual orgy or group sex? (partners must be exchanged
-Gone to a weekend "lifestyle" retreat or cruise?

...so many ideas, so little time.

October 10th, 2007

Group Masturbation

A while back I read on yahoo news about a masturbate-a-thon. All sorts of people were going to gather at this event and get off together, raising money for AIDS awareness and safe sex education. The causes are all well and good, I can support those. But that wasn't what had me thinking about this event the rest of the afternoon. I just couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to make myself cum in a room full of people I didn't know, who were also getting off. No touching was allowed and the event was to be heavily monitored, so it would be a pretty safe situation. But having all those people around? The thought of it *really* turned me on. I'm pretty sure that fantasy will keep my vibrator buzzing for a few weeks.


I'm going to give this journal another go, I miss talking about sex with strangers. Old entries are gone, hopefully new entries will be plentiful.
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