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I have a strange fascination with sexual purity tests. When I was younger I used to use one almost like a checklist. Anytime I read one I see new things I'd love to try that I never have. I'd love to be able to check these off on a purity test in the future:

-Masturbated to orgasm while on the phone, but while the other person was not aware of it?
-Had anyone to the best of your knowledge, masturbate to a nude picture of you?
-Masturbated with someone watching you, but not participating?
-Had sex with someone watching you but not participating?
-Been involved in a threesome (a menage-a-trois) with two males and a female?
-Been involved in a threesome with two females and a male?
-Participated in a bisexual orgy or group sex? (partners must be exchanged
-Gone to a weekend "lifestyle" retreat or cruise?

...so many ideas, so little time.
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